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SKH International is a global producer, wholesale marketer, and provider of technology-driven extracts to gastronomy, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. We manufacture and sale the Supercritical extracts, Spice oil, Pigments, Natural flavors & fragrance.

The company is founded and promoted by technocrat entrepreneur with latest technology expertise in the fields of Supercritical Fluids Extractions, Advance Packaging Technology, Modern Natural Products Extraction Technique, Polymer Encapsulation Technique (Macro to Nano scale), FDA approved preservation and processing technology.

The company has global expert network for manufacturing, production and supply chain facility to cater the year round international market demands. Our own manufacturing and processing facilities are located in India (Pune, Nashik, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Guntur, Kochi, and Coimbatore). Global production units with contracted partners located in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand, Germany, Netherlands and Hungary. Headquarters of Spice King Holland (SKH) located in Enschede, Netherlands.

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Major production sites located in the foothills of Sahyadri mountains (Western Ghat) from where the world enjoys the flavor and aroma coupled with the unique taste and health values to join with their own preparations. We are specialists in identifying proper sources of raw materials, which can produce the most appropriate ingredient of essential qualities, consistency and bring the most value added form suitable for every application.

We are one of the most high tech and reliable manufacturing and trading companies in the world. Due to our high tech global network, open and transparent business approach, we are able to supply all types of spice oils, essential oils, supercritical CO2 extracts, natural flavor & fragrance, in Asia, Europe, Canada, and USA. Our expert, dynamic and first-generation team with a comprehensive global network helps us to continuously monitor the market. We offer time bound and quality-oriented services to our partners in order to give them a distinct advantage.

With our presence in the port of Mumbai, Singapore, Rotterdam, Hamburg we are able to provide strategic storage and transport to our partners globally. As we maintain buffer stocks in our warehouses, we can supply your demand at all times by unforeseen circumstances. As a Dutch company, we strictly follow the hygiene, quality and offer safer products in compliance with the European Union food safety regulations, FDA regulations. We are a member of the several global food ingredients association. Our highest safety and ethical assurance make us pioneer in this industry.

Our global team includes manufacturer, contract farming partners, high tech processing partners, trusted suppliers, dedicated export –import team, experts with logistic, legal, human resource and scientific background. Our global and on site team always gear up to monitor the quality, market and continual supply, that meets all customer specifications. Our first generation, dynamic global chain network guarantee the compliance with the needs of our customers. Transparency, highest ethical standards, shared value, sustainability, social responsibility and respect for all are core of our business. Our services promote to use more natural, organic, GI products (Geographical indication) that help us to provide quality driven, original products to our end users.


SKH enjoys favorable factors of technical expertise, production and global distribution, effective management, ideal scientific technology, suitable infrastructure, and dedicated smart global team are our assets. Our services offer superior quality products direct from the manufacturer at competitive costs. Use of current, continuously upgrading and innovative solution is our beauty. SKH do the best and offer the best only.