SKH International is a global producer, wholesale marketer, and provider of technology-driven food ingredients to gastronomy, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. We manufacture and sale the Indian spices, Spice oils, Supercritical extracts, Natural food colors, pigments, Dry fruits, Nuts, Natural Indian food ingredients, Natural flavors & fragrance.

The company is founded and promoted by first generation technocrat entrepreneur with latest technology expertise in the fields of Supercritical Fluids Extractions, Advance Packaging Technology, Modern Natural Products Extraction Technique, Polymer Encapsulation Technique (Macro to Nano scale), FDA approved preservation and processing technology. The company has global expert network for manufacturing, production and supply chain facility to cater the year-round international market demands.


Spice King Family

Agricultural Product Wholesaler in Manchar

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Spice King Nashik

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Zop Biotech

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Only use native products, Say no to artificially cultured products. Our focus is to deal with 100% Natural products, "Go Natural, Go GI (Geographical indication)!"