doTERRA Vetiver (15ml)


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Derived from a thick grass, Vetiver essential oil is ideal for creating a peaceful environment as it is known to have a grounding, calming effect on emotions. In addition to calming emotions and promoting restful sleep, Vetiver can also offer immune-supporting properties when taken internally.*

Main Benefits:
■ Helps support the immune system*
■ Produces a calming, grounding effect on emotions
■ Emits a rich, woody scent that promotes a soothing environment

■ Add two drops to a warm bath for deep relaxation.
■ Diffuse to promote relaxation during times of stress.
■ Apply to bottom of feet to help promote a restful night’s sleep.
■ Apply to bottom of feet after a day of standing as part of a soothing massage.
■ Take one drop Vetiver and one drop Lemon internally for immune-supporting properties.*


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