doTERRA Spearmint (15ml)


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Well known for its sweet and minty flavor, Spearmint is often used in cooking, but can also be applied topically or used aromatically for a variety of powerful benefits. Spearmint is milder alternative to other mint essential oils.

Main Benefits:
■ Cleanses the mouth and promotes fresh breath
■ Promotes a sense of focus and uplifts the mood
■ Promotes digestion and helps reduce occasional stomach upset*

■ Diffuse to naturally repel insects.
■ Massage on back of neck during times of stress and tension.
■ Add three to four drops to the shower for a refreshing uplift.
■ Add one drop of Spearmint oil to desserts, drinks, salads, or entrées.
■ Take two drops internally to promote digestion and help reduce occasional stomach upset.*


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