doTERRA Lemongrass (15ml)


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Lemongrass essential oil promotes healthy digestion* and is frequently used in skincare products for its purifying benefits. Lemongrass has an herbaceous aroma that can heighten awareness and is ideal for massage therapy.
Main Benefits:
—Purifies and tones skin
—Promotes healthy digestion*
—Heightens awareness and promotes positivity
■ Diffuse Lemongrass at an outdoor event to naturally repel insects.
■ Combine with Melaleuca and apply to toenails for clean, healthy nails.
■ Dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply after exercise for a refreshing feeling.
■ Combine with Peppermint and take internally to support healthy gastrointestinal function.*
■ Combine with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to muscles and joints for a soothing massage.


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