doTERRA Douglas Fir (15ml)


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Extracted from the branches and leaves of the Douglas Fir tree, Douglas Fir essential oil has many benefits that can assist with breathing, mood, and the appearance of skin.
Main Benefits:
– Cleansing and purifying to the skin
– Promotes a positive mood and sense of focus
– Promotes feelings of clear airways and easy breathing
■ Place a drop in hands and inhale to calm and re-energize during a stressful day.
■ When creating an all-purpose cleaner, add two drops for a natural cleaning boost.
■ Combine one drop Douglas Fir with two drops Wintergreen for a relaxing massage.
■ Add one drop to body wash for an invigorating aroma and added cleansing benefits.
■ Diffuse Douglas Fir with Grapefruit while doing homework to promote a sense of focus.


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