doTERRA Cardamom (5ml)


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Often used to flavor food and beverages, Cardamom essential oil is useful in the kitchen
and can also aid in respiratory health and digestion.*
Main Benefits:

  • Flavorful spice for cooking and baking
  • Promotes clear breathing and respiratory health*
  • May help ease indigestion and maintain overall gastrointestinal health*

■ Diffuse or inhale for a sense of openness and mental clarity.
■ Diffuse or apply topically to promote feelings of clear breathing.
■ Add one drop to your bath to promote feelings of calm and relaxation.
■ Add to bread, smoothies, meats, and salads to enhance food flavor and aid digestion.*
■ Take one drop internally as part of a daily health regimen to support healthy
gastrointestinal function.*


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