doTERRA Blue Tansy (5ml)


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Blue Tansy’s name is partly derived from its vivid shade of blue. Blue Tansy has a
sweet, warm fragrance and a calming effect that can be beneficial to the skin,
mind, and body. (Dilute to minimize potential staining.)
Main Benefits:
—Provides targeted soothing comfort
—Provides a cooling, invigorating vapor
—Minimizes the effects of seasonal threats
■ Apply to minor skin irritations for a soothing effect.
■ Use before outdoor activity to protect against seasonal threats.
■ Rub on fingers, wrists, shoulders, and neck after a long day of activity.
■ Apply to chest with Peppermint to promote feelings of clear breathing.
■ Diffuse for a calming effect when you feel like life is getting to be too much.


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