doTERRA Bergamot (15ml)


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One of the most unique citrus oils, Bergamot is simultaneously calming and uplifting—making
it ideal for dissolving sad or anxious feelings. Like other citrus oils, it possesses significant
cleansing properties and a pleasant aroma.

Main Benefits:
Soothes anxious or sad feelings
Powerful purifying agent for the skin
Used in massage therapy for its calming benefits


Bergamot energizes and promotes relaxation. Supports falling asleep and staying asleep more easily and reduces irritation. Bergamot is uplifting and refreshing. For those who do not know it… it is the scent of Earl Gray tea. A light fragrance that is sweet, lively, citrus-rich and fruity at the same time.


Citrus, spicy, slightly floral

Usage Tips:
■ Change regular tea to Earl Grey with the addition of Bergamot.
■ Apply to feet before bedtime for a calming and relaxing experience.
■ Add one drop to nighttime skincare routine for its purifying benefits.
■ Diffuse in classroom, at work, or home when tense feelings or stress levels are high.
■ Take one drop internally to support a healthy nervous system and cardiovascular system.*.


1 drop in 100ml. Use in dishes as a fresh note. Bergamot has the citrus flavor you know from Earl Gray Tea.


* The product information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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