doTERRA Basil Essential Oil (15ml)


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Known for its exceptional preserving properties, Arborvitae essential oil can help protect against a variety of outside threats and acts as a powerful purifying agent.

Main Benefits:

  • Protects against environmental and seasonal threats
  • Powerful cleansing and purifying agent
  • Natural insect repellent and wood preservative

Usage Tips:
■ Apply topically to reduce the appearance of blemishes.
■ Diffuse to promote a sense of focus while studying or reading.
■ Take one drop internally to provide soothing support during menstrual cycle.*
■ Take one drop internally to reduce gas and support gastrointestinal health and function.*
■ Combine one drop Basil and one drop Melaleuca with Fractionated Coconut Oil; apply to neck and behind ears for a soothing experience



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